HQ Kites HQ4 Beamer 2.0

The all new Beamer from HQ kites is the perfect kite for anyone getting into the awesome sport of power kite flying. The Beamer  is the fifth generation beamer and comes with a totally new profile and performance standard. Designed for the beginner power kite flyer, the Beamer  is exceptionally stable but also increases in power and performance as the pilots experience improves. This is the perfect kite to grow with. The Beamer VI’s all new profile is a huge step in performance over previous models. Improved acceleration and better control over brake line input makes this kite the ultimate all-rounder power kite. With its simplified bridle construction and low aspect ratio, the HQ Beamer  is an easy kite to control and every size comes complete, ready to fly!
Styles & Colours May Vary

SKU: HQ118211