~MagniLoupe 4pc w/Phone Adptr

The Carson ML-20 MagniLoupe 4-Piece Eye Loupe Set has different distortion-free and acrylic lenses with magnifications of 4.5x, 6.5x, 8x, and 13x. Moreover, included as part of the set is a smartphone clip that enables you to attach a magnifier by removing the eyecup and snapping the loupe into the clip that attaches to your smartphone device for digiscoping. As a result, you can take pictures or videos with a magnified lens and bring details of a small object into a larger view. Besides digiscoping, the loupe’s ergonomic eyecup sits comfortably on the eye socket of jewelers, photographers, and electronic technicians to work with precision and accuracy as required by their trades. The smartphone clip will fit most phone cases on the market, but will not fit the largest Otter Box style cases.

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